Fernando Ferreira studied music at Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano – Italy.
Started learning lutheria in 1992 until 1996 with the Master Luthier Carlo Raspagni (1925-1999), founder and teacher of the Scuola di Liuteria di Vignate (Milan -It.).
He started his activity in Brazil in 1997 .



He returned to Europe in 2000s to continue his studies at the Istituto di Ricerca Organologica e Ristauro (Research Institute organological and Restoration) – Milan .
He carried on further improvements with the teachers of Scuola di Liuteria di Milano and Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria di Cremona.
Some of his masters were : Gerald Sohne , Grant Obrien , Tiziano Rizzi, Paola Vecchio ,Claudio Canevari, Pierre Bohr.
 He complemented his expertise with additional studies and researches carried out directly on the original instruments in museums of several European countries , including  Austria , Germany, Svizzerland, France, Spain , Portugal and Italy.
He returned to Brazil in 2011 . Since then he has participated in many Early Music Festivals and instruments exhibitions in Brazil and Europe .

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